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Lily Maase is a guitarist, composer and educator living and working in New Mexico and New York. She holds a degree in jazz guitar performance from the University of North Texas, is the managing editor at Guitar Dad Publications, and is a 2017 composer-in-residence at Spark & Echo Arts.  She is the oldest daughter of the legendary guitarist and educator Steve Maase (1946-2016).

Lily is a contributing writer for Premier Guitar Magazine and has contributed to Guitar World and Guitar World’s Acoustic Nation, who recently lauded her as a “master guitar teacher.”

She is the founder and owner of GuitarWorks International, a center for guitar and bass guitar education with locations in New Mexico, New York, and offering distance learning worldwide via FaceTime and Skype.

Lily is the lead guitarist, musical director and bandleader with the Rocket Queens all-female tribute to Guns N Roses and the Suite Unraveling (Tzadik). She is the lead guitarist with Gato Loco, and is endorsed by Godin Guitars.

A Note From the Owner:

I am a full-time professional guitarist with over a decade of teaching experience at all experience levels, ages and styles. I have been teaching professionally since age seventeen, have traveled across the country with jazz groups, metal bands, country bands, and everything in between, and hold a degree in guitar performance from the University of North Texas Jazz Studies program. I am the managing editor of Guitar Dad Publications, which is partnering with Mascot Books to release my father’s posthumous guidebook for guitarists, Music Theory You Can Use.

I my years as a performer ~and~ an educator, I’ve learned a lot about what it means to play, and even more about what it means to teach.

I believe that the instrument is for everyone, that the right attention from a caring teacher can open doors that a student might otherwise think are shut forever, and that all music–be it Bach, Led Zeppelin, or BB King–can be a tool for developing a lifelong relationship with the guitar.

I have overseen students from their first notes to their first performances onstage and beyond, have helped budding professionals fill in the gaps in their music theory, and have helped correct technique that has caused students to give up the instrument due to frustration or physical pain. Many of my students have gone on to study music at reputable universities, and I have also helped actors and vocalists on Broadway and on the road with big-name acts hone their instrumental skills.

I believe that your music is YOUR MUSIC, and as a result my teaching style is a bit more unorthodox than most. I believe in working with each student to develop a custom-tailored course of study so that you can get where YOU need to go. All styles and experience levels welcome. No genre is too foreign and no hands are too large or too small.


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  1. Arthur
    September 14, 2017

    Lily Hi – I’m interested in taking lessons again. I’ve been playing a long time and would like to get a fresh perspective on the instrument. I love players who can substitute fills for chords and vice versa. While I’m not a jazz player at all, I’ve always admired they way they play and the smoothness and seamless ease at which they play their parts in songs and how they’ll play the same song but they’ll play it very differently and it will still sound amazing. Anyway enough of my rambling. Any info on you and your staff would be greatly appreciated. I’m in Forest Hills and I see that you guys are in Williamsburg Brooklyn – so not too far as long as traffic moves.

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